Welcome to SquatchLUG.org!

Welcome! SquatchLUG is a club — or “LEGO users’ group” (LUG) — for adult LEGO builders in northwest Washington State, with members from Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, and King counties.

If you’d like to join us, we usually meet every couple of months in Mt. Vernon, Sedro-Woolley, or nearby. Meetings are mostly social, gossiping about the latest LEGO sets, exchanging news about sales & deals, showing off our custom LEGO models, and trading ideas and building techniques.

Meetings also usually involve a “draft,” in which each participant brings a new, unopened LEGO set that we part out and take turns choosing the pieces we want — a great way to pick up hard-to-find parts in greater quantities.

Follow SquatchLUG.org for updates about dates and locations for meetings, and sign up for the email list (add link) for general discussion between meetings.

If you live farther south, you might want to check out our “parent LUG” for Western Washington, SEALUG, the Seattle LEGO Users Group.